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Full Buss Bar Power-Up Kit
Full Buss Bar Power-Up Kit

4-seat RZR PowerUp & Accessory Wiring Harness

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4-seat RZR power Up Harness
Part Number: 7wSCCPWR1-RZR4
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Country of Origin: OEM Quality and Certified Fit

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7wire Systems - 4-seat RZR PowerUP & Accessory Wiring Harness

This is a complete RZR PowerUp Harness. It includes a 6 ga. Power and 6 ga. Ground cable from the Battery up to the buss bar under the hood. The 6 ga. Power is fused with an 80 amp MIDI fuse holder at the Battery to protect your vehicle. It also includes a 40 amp sealed relay kit to provide power to the Accessory stud on the buss bar. This harness kit includes everything you need to properly add power to your UTV for lights, radios and any accessories. 

*2 and 4 seat harnesses are different lengths

  • Clean, Simple Installation.
  • Sealed connections at factory harness and at add-on circuit
  • Professional Certified crimps at all connectors and splices.
  • All splices are made with certified tooling and covered in 3:1 epoxy heat shrink to seal them from any water or dirt
  • Adapter matches factory Polaris wire color codes, wire gauge size and wire type!

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